Artist statement

I am François Hendrickx, I am a photographer. I love stories and landscapes. A landscape that holds the traces of human presence is like a book with a infinite number of pages. And the more I read, the more interesting the book becomes. I sincerely believe in the ancient Greek idea that every place has it’s own keeper, the Genius Loci. This spirit of the place can be sleepy or silent of absent for the day. Or it can call me, loudly and persistently, such that I have to stop and listen and start making work, there and than. At the best of times, it is a true animator, breathing life into my work. In those moments, everything comes together and making work seems to cost no noticeable effort. It always pays to listen to the call…


François Hendrickx graduated with honours from Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2007. He has worked as a commercial photographer and teacher ever since.  François Hendrickx lives and works in Amsterdam.

Email:            info@francoishendrickx.com

Website:        www.francoishendrickx.com

Instagram:     francoisckx

Honors and Awards

2023: Artist Residency Halsnøy, Norway.

2018: Artist Residency on the island of Urk.

2012: Participated in the tv show De Nieuwe Rembrandt (finished top 10).

2010: Nomination for Best Portfolio at Arles Photography Festival.

2009: Honourable Mention in the 2009 IPA Awards, Professional Documentary.

2008: Honourable Mention in the 2008 IPA Awards, Professional Fine Art.

2007: Graduated with honours from Fotoacademie Amsterdam.

2007: 18 Views of the IIsselmeer was purchased by the Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen.

2005: Nomination for the Fotogram Award (Amsterdam).

2005: Extra Prize in the Fotogram Award (Amsterdam).

1997: PhD in Social History from the University of Nijmegen.


– Work was included in the volume De Schilders van Urk, by Elisabeth Oost and Klaas Post, Haarlem, 2020.

– Substantial contributions to Experimentele woningbouw in Nederland 1968-1980. 64 Gerealiseerde woonbeloften (Experimental housing in the Netherlands. 64 promises realized), by Marcel Barzilay, Ruben Ferwerda, Anita Blom, Rotterdam, 2019.

De groenen horizon. Vijftig jaar bouwen aan het landschap van de Flevopolder (The green Horizon. Fifty years of constructing the Flevopolder Landscape), Harma Horlings, Anita Blom, Hilversum, 2018.

– Work was included in Wild van Water. De kunst van het genieten, Bobbink Inge, André Groeneveld, Maartje van de Heuvel e.a., Zwolle, 2016.

– Complete illustration of Koninklijke Haagse Woningvereniging van 1854. De bouwgeschiedenis van een kleine, onafhankelijke vereniging (Royal The Hague Building Society of 1854. The history of a small, independent society), by Dorine van Hoogstraten, Rotterdam, 2013.

– Substantial contributions to Atlas van de Wederopbouw. Nederland 1945-1965 (Atlas of the Reconstruction Period. The  Netherlands 1945-1965), by Anita Blom (ed.), Rotterdam, 2013.

– Work was included in the catalogue Volendam Kunstenaarsdorp. Het erfgoed van Hotel Spaander, Zwolle, Enkhuizen, 2009.

– 18 Views of the IJsselmeer was published in its entirety in Land of Water, 03, 2008.


2024:   Group show Krabbens Drøm in Halnøy Kloster, Norway.

2023:   Residency in Halnøy Kloster, Norway.

2023:   Seeking Shelter, Ballon Rouge gallery, Rotterdam (solo exhibition).

2023:   Unique Photo Philadelphia NJCP group show.

2023:   NJCP Winter Exhibition (group show).

2022:   Seeking Shelter, Kunstroute Leiden (solo exhibition).

2018:   De Welvaart, result of an artist’s residency on the island of Urk. Group show in Urk town hall.

2012:   One Man’s Eden, Nimbus Gallery, The Hague (solo exhibition).

Torii, Nimbus Gallery, The Hague (solo exhibition).

2010:   18 Views of the IJsselmeer, Nimbus Gallery, The Hague (solo exhibition).

2009:   Art at the Office: Collections from the Zuiderzee Museum on Location, Croon Davidovich en Partners, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam (solo exhibition).

Greenhouses, Nimbus gallery, The Hague (solo exhibition).

Volendam Kunstenaarsdorp (excerpts from 18 Views), Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen (group show).

2008:   18 Views on the IJsselmeer, Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen (solo exhibition).

18 Views on the IJsselmeer, Communal gallery, Emmeloord (solo exhibition).

18 Views on the IJsselmeer, Oranjeoord gallery Hoog Soeren (solo exhibition).

2007:   License to shoot, Bagagehal, Amsterdam (group show).

License to shoot, Pictura gallery, Groningen (group show).

2005:   Fotogram Award, Amsterdam (group show).


18 Views of the IJsselmeer is part of the permanent public collection of the Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen.

– Pieces of 18 Views of the IJsselmeer are part of the permanent public collection of the city of Noordoostpolder in Emmeloord.

– Pieces of 18 Views of the IJsselmeer, Greenhouses , One Man’s Eden, Torii and Seeking Shelter are part of various private collections.